Affordable Bankruptcy in St Louis, MO

If you are considering declaring bankruptcy, then you are not on your own. With mounting debts and stress that leaves you feeling hopeless, bankruptcy can be the solution you need to gain financial freedom and enjoy a fresh start.

We know that many law firms charge significant amounts of money to help you through this process, making it unaffordable at a time where every cent counts. Our mission has always been to help people in St Louis achieve the bankruptcy outcome they need for a fair and transparent fee. We have been in business for over 30 years and will continue to serve the people of St Louis for many years to come.

Support for Honest Debtors

If you find yourself in a situation where bankruptcy is the only logical solution, then you will need to consider all your options before moving forward with a bankruptcy filing. The system is designed to help honest debtors become discharged from their current debts so that they can start afresh and move forwards, having learned a valuable lesson about money.

When you come to us at Charles H. Huber Law, we will analyze the situation you are in and then provide bespoke advice to ensure that you achieve the financial freedom you have been looking for. We work with both straightforward and complex cases and aim to provide a completely affordable service that gives you the chance to move forward.

Understanding Whether to File for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

One of the common questions we get asked is whether we should file for bankruptcy, Chapter 7 vs. 13? The simple answer is that this is wholly dependent on your financial situation, and we would be happy to advise you once we have had the time to check out all your paperwork.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases require you to give up any non-exempt properties in return for being discharged from all your eligible debts. Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases allow you to maintain ownership of all your property in return for a specified payment amount.

The Future is Bright With the Right Advice

When it comes to choosing, we will analyze your case and then advise you on whether to file bankruptcy Chapter 7 forms or Chapter 13 forms. Either way, we are on hand to help you prepare all your documentation and will complete a full check to ensure that everything is in order before we file.

You do not need to manage spiraling debts on your own, and here in St Louis, Charles H. Huber Law has decades of experience in helping individuals move forward with the best bankruptcy outcome possible. Get in touch today to arrange a free telephone consultation or book an appointment to discuss your situation; together, we will find an affordable way to solve your financial crisis.