Beat the Ticket Before it Happens: Tips to Prepare You for Fighting a Speeding Ticket

Young driver is worried about traffic ticket

Getting a speeding ticket is no fun, but according to the 41 million tickets issued every year, you’re bound to be a recipient sometime or other. While the number one tip for fighting a speeding ticket is don’t speed, slip-ups happen. If you get caught by the flashing lights and sirens, here are a few tips to reduce your ticket and possibly remove it altogether.

Reduce stress
If you see the flashing lights of a police car behind you, the absolute best thing you can do is put your hazards on, pull over, and turn your interior lights on. Once all of that is done, make sure to keep your hands on the steering wheel, where the officer can see them. Getting pulled over is not only a high-stress situation for you but for the police officer as well. The more you can do to ease the tension, the better.

Be polite
Basic manners are an absolute must when being pulled over. The fewer excuses you can give an officer to speak out against you in court, the better. Practicing basic manners and following the officers instructions calmly and without complaint are little things, but they can go a long way in court. Taking a ticket to court is much easier with no other offences, and as generic of a case as possible.

Build rapport
If you’re still planning on fighting a traffic ticket before it gets to court, try to set up a meeting with the officer who issued it. Most officers are more than willing to speak with you about your violation, but walking in and asking immediately for the ticket to be repealed isn’t a good tactic. If anything, this will give you a good opportunity to build rapport with the officer and potentially avoid future tickets.

Follow the rules
Fighting a speeding ticket is difficult enough, but it’s even more difficult if you’re fighting the court at the same time. The most helpful thing you can do is communicate and follow all of the rules set forth by the court. Call the court clerk frequently for any updates and other information, and speak with a traffic ticket lawyer to ensure that you don’t miss any deadlines.

Know your violation
Every day, as many as 112,328 people receive an average of $150 in speeding fines. The court processes all of these cases so often that they could probably do it in their sleep. You, on the other hand, need to do your research. Granted, fighting a speeding ticket isn’t as difficult as filing for bankruptcy, but having as much knowledge as possible before you walk into your court date can help you reduce, or even eliminate the charges against you.

The best tip for fighting any kind of traffic ticket is to be cautious. Speeding and related accidents cause over $40 million in damage and even more in personal tragedies. Stay safe on the road, and if you do happen to get a ticket, these tips may be able to help you!