Three Ways Traffic Violations Could Have You Seeking Out Bankruptcy Help

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We’ve all felt the sinking feeling of driving, minding our own business, just to be startled by the flashing blue lights of a police car reflecting in the rear view mirror. While there is little more frustrating than being handed a ticket, this may only be the beginning of the consequences.

Some people may simply mail-in a check covering their fine and move on with their life, completely underestimating the need for a traffic lawyer. Unfortunately, they could eventually find themselves in desperate need of bankruptcy help.

It may sound unusual, but here are a few ways that traffic violations could lead to you asking what it means to file bankruptcy:

    1. Insurance: After being issued a traffic ticket, most people’s insurance rates will skyrocket. Usually the only way to bring them back down is after years of building an immaculate driving record. For young drivers in particular who are already targeted with high rates by auto insurance companies, a traffic violation could easily raise premium costs to an un-affordable level.


    1. Jobs: Racking up enough traffic violations can easily lead to license suspensions. While this can be devastating for anyone, those whose jobs rely on driving, such as truckers or taxi drivers, could find themselves without a form of income. Not only will these people be faced with a number of fines, but they may have no way to pay them off without help filing bankruptcy.


  1. Preventing future employment: Even if a job does not revolve around the ability to drive, serious traffic violations can appear on background checks from potential employers, again leaving an individual jobless and with no income to pay the incurring fines. Even if they seek out Chapter 7 bankruptcy help, they could end up paying the debt off with their assets for up to six months.

There were an estimated 1,071,932 bankruptcy filings in the United States in 2013. Even though bankruptcies from unpaid medical bills affected around 2 million people of that year, a large number of other filers were also feeling the repercussions of extensive traffic violations.

Taking action quick with a traffic lawyer to fight to either reduce or dismiss any violations could stop you from needing bankruptcy help. Everyone makes mistakes but they shouldn’t all be hurting your future or well-being.